Is Your Community ``Investment Ready``?

Community Exchange’s Mission is to energize local communities & enhance capabilities to leverage Opportunity Zone certification, and increase economic participation in local real estate by unaccredited (& accredited) investors.

Are you a certified Minnesota Opportunity Zone?

If yes, you are eligible for meaningful and sustainable social and economic impacts via investment by qualified investors.  Opportunity Zone Fund investment directed to your community’s real estate projects will have a positive, long-term economic impact.

If no, Community Exchange will work with you to engage local and regional residents and corporations to support real estate projects responsive to community priorities and needs.

Either way, Community Exchange will help you become ‘Investment Ready’!

Community Exchange Services

Community Exchange is a Founding Partner of the MN Opportunity Collaborative, which seeks to inspire investment in designated Opportunity Zones.  ‘MNOppCo’ brings together developers, investors, and community development entities to host a statewide project and site directory, hold
educational events, and share best practices on a regular basis.

Learn more at MNOppCo!

MN Opportunity Zone CHALLENGE Participants' Pitches Set for Sept 18!

ROUND ONE of a competition for community-driven economic development projects in Minnesota Designated Opportunity Zones concluded June 30 with 16 unique and varied examples of community-led development!

The Challenge is intended to foster community engagement, identification and prioritization of the most actionable and impactful projects in opportunity zones and result in actual projects that can utilize MNvest for funding.

This Challenge can aid in positioning Minnesota to derive greater than its ‘Fair Share’ of the benefits available via the Investing in Opportunities Act.

Next Steps:  Submitting groups are invited to make ‘Pitches’ at a Minnesota Opportunity Zone Summit September 18 at the Marriott Minneapolis NW Hotel & Conference Center — watch for more information soon!