Community Exchange Services

Viable real estate projects must be considered against what is likely to attract equity investments.

Community Exchange works with communities to become ‘investment ready’ through:
*Enhanced understanding of economic parameters used by typical Opportunity Funds

*Strengthened understanding of what details project sponsors must provide in order to attract equity investors and how that information should be ‘packaged’ to make a compelling pitch

*Application of ‘impact scorecards’ and other tools to evaluate and promote desired social, environmental and economic impact within community-driven projects

Scope of Services:

MN Opportunity Zone Challenge
      – 2019 Opportunity Zone Challenge details
MN Opportunity Collaborative — an Opportunity Zone Directory
      – Partnering with Northspan Group, supporting community-based projects for inclusion in a web-based mechanism aggregating real estate projects within opportunity zones throughout Minnesota, to learn from each other’s efforts and for the consideration of investors and Opporutnity Zone Funds
Regional ‘Community Exchanges’ for Fundraising, Idea Generation
     – Unique, stand-alone web-based crowdfunding mechanisms to solicit, aggregate and manage investments by unaccredited and accredited investors
Economic Development Support
     – Development Advancement Process (DAP) coordination

Examples of CE’s Facilitated Activities/Supports:

  • Hands-on workshop curriculum which includes sample exercises (e.g., property evaluation and project narratives)
  • Assistance to include all community groups at the table, so right- and left-hands are coordinating efforts
  • Customized community messaging to aid in educating individuals and groups to prompt engagement to leverage individual Opportunity Zones’ potential
  • Assistance in coordination and facilitation of community engagement activities
  • Liaison to resources to track community prioritization when weighing multiple project options
  • Aid in evaluating options for ‘smart capital stacks’; assist in appealing to bring low-interest cost capital to the table
  • Assist in working with communities to implement Do No Harm policies at the local and county level to interject an opportunity for consistent consideration of community priorities when weighing external development proposals
  • Assist communities to engage citizens and companies to recognize how they can engage in achieving community priorities via investment in certified Opportunity Zone Funds or Community Exchanges possible due to Minnesota’s unique mechanism for investment by unaccredited investors